Josh Backfield Presents: Introduction to Enterprise Design Patterns

GoHealth hosted the Chicago Java Users Group meeting on Introduction to Enterprise Design Patterns. The announcement is below and the original post is available at


Design patterns have been around for decades, from the 'Gang of Four' book to 'Head First Design Patterns.' But what exactly are design patterns and how can we use them effectively? Throughout this talk we’re going to cover some general OO design patterns and how we can use them in our enterprise applications. From there, we’ll dive into some enterprise integration patterns and how they are used to decouple components and make them more reusable. After this talk you should be ready to recognize and implement some design patterns.


Joshua F. Backfield has been a Senior Software Development Engineer at both Dell SecureWorks, Inc., an industry-leading MSSP and Booz Allen Hamilton. Holding degrees from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and DePaul University, he has worked in a variety of languages such as C, C++, Perl, Java, Javascript, and Scala.

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