It was time for Face-to-face time

As the Data team operates in two locations - Chicago and Bratislava, this summer, several members of the team were able to visit each other’s home offices and experienced working in same location for a few weeks.

What did they find beneficial about working in the same site? What did they perceive as value for company, team collaboration, and themselves? Here is some of the feedback:

Marek Spano, Data Engineer

“It was great to see how the whole company works. Such an insight is simply not possible from tickets or short calls. I found out about different departments, how they relate to my work and created rapport for future problem solving. Knowledge sessions alone made me twice as confident in my understanding of databases we use. Discovering Chicago after work is perfect perk - we were constantly improving our English and cultural understanding as well.”

Breno Riba, Data Engineer

“It was amazing to finally meet everyone in person. I feel that we are all even closer now. We had the opportunity to meet the whole data team and the people from different areas that we usually talk constantly. We were also able to learn a lot during those 2 weeks joining learning sessions/internal meetings. It was really easy to help and get help. It was great to get to know Chicago and hang out with the team. Thanks for the incredible experience, and I can't wait to go back!”

Matthew Van Der Bosch, Product Owner

“I found the trip to Bratislava was both very fun and informational. Experiencing some of the challenges of working in different time zones first hand allowed me to bring some best practices back to our Chicago team about meeting etiquette and the best way to work across 7 hours. Being in Bratislava also allowed all of us to take some time away from the heads down work and share important company knowledge. It was also great to be immersed in the office culture in Bratislava: eating lunch with the team, riding the company scooters, and spending some time after work chatting over some beers and borovička made me leave Slovakia feeling much closer to the team!”

Marek Jurco, Data Engineer

“I enjoyed meeting our whole team, seeing the faces in real life and dealing with daily work together. One feels really efficient in work when you have an instant answer for questions. Now that we know each other better, I feel the cooperation is also better over the timezones. The knowledge sessions were really helpful and instructive. Last but not least, it was fun to hang out with the team after work and discover Chicago. It was a great stay!”

Zuzana Bukovinova, Project Manager

“For me, it was a great time meeting all the people I work with f2f, linking those with Jira tickets or slack names, understanding better each teammate personality, seeing better the strengths and weaknesses of current team setup that made me think about ways how to improve it and make sure the whole team feels more comfortable when collaborating remotely. It was also very nice to participate in different informal meetings such as a team lunch, happy hour, board games event, learn & lunch sessions, tech recognitions event that all helped to build better relationships within different teams and departments too.”

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